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Attention Internet Banking Customers:

Here is a little “how-to sheet” with the 6 steps needed to show your accounts on-line on the new system.

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions.

We can go over it together on the phone if you have difficulties.

Thanks for banking with us – and thanks for your patience!

New User / Enrollment (6 Steps)

  1. Please click “New Users” on the right upper corner of FSB Welcome Page
  2. Access ID (8-12 characters – must have 1 number, this is a change from old system)

    Password (8-12 characters – 1 letter, 1 number at least)

    Confirm Password

    Account Number (ie. Checking, Savings) no dashes, no spaces

    SSN (again, NO DASHES or SPACES, please.)

    Press CONTINUE button

  3. Accept terms & conditions; Press ACCEPT button
  4. Answer 5 of 20 “Challenge Questions” (these will be required at “public” computers, etc.)

    Press CONTINUE

  5. Remember Computer: YES = challenge questions asked; NO = no questions asked
  6. Enter User INFO: Name, Address, DOB, PW challenge Question/Answer & ACCEPT/Continue

 Then you will be brought to your accounts on-line.

 *If you feel as though you set-up a new “Access ID” and/or “Password” and then somehow cancelled or got interrupted in the process, then either:

  1. Please enter that information (User ID/Access ID & Password) in “the normal log-on area” of the FSB home page,
    (DO NOT go to the “New Users” link). Then you will be prompted to complete the re-enrollment process.


  2. Contact the bank and we will reset your password. We will email or call with a new, “temporary” password you use to log-on in the normal fashion and then be prompted to complete the rest of the re-enrollment, as detailed in the Steps above, which includes changing your password.



Go to My Profile > Personal Preferences > Please Select A Font Size A A A  > Submit

You can also hit Control and + (plus sign) to make font bigger, or Control and – (minus sign for smaller), and Control and 0 (zero for back to original size).


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